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The Different Basic Types of Slot Tournaments

Whenever you are looking to try your luck in slot tournaments it is important to take note that not all these tournaments are the same. There are different tournaments you'll find out there so it will be advisable for everyone to take a close look to find out if that tournament is the one you're looking for. We'll describe each type of tournament we'll encounter and find out which one would suit your gaming needs.

The first type of tournament you'll find is called the invitational tournament. From the name of the tournament you'll immediately figure out that this one isn't exactly open to the public. Players here play slots as a complimentary from the casino or just because they are high rollers. A casino does know how to reward customer loyalty. Those who are able to meet certain requirements can take advantage of comps from casinos. One particular comp is to be invited to play in an exclusive invitational tournament.

You can expect that this type of tournament to be free. What a great value indeed, you get to play slots for free. This is also a good way to check out if you can become interested in tournament slots. Some casinos hold these tournaments on a weekly basis while others have it daily.

Another type of tournament is one that requires an entry fee. These are the ones that you see advertised and is open to the public. Players are required to pay an entry fee, which will be a quite reasonable amount. Players will then vie for the prizes at stake. Usually you'll find the tournament rules posted and will include a list of prizes to be won. There'll be paid tournaments where players can often get a portion of their money back in the form of prizes in case they don't win the tournament.

Players who enter these types of tournaments often get freebies from the casino in the form of comps. Imagine getting discounts for hotel rooms, banquets or free meals, door prizes, or even raffle tickets. Before joining any tournament, make sure you understand what rewards you can get and if they really are worth playing for.

The last kind of tournament is the one that requires an entry fee but is obviously a money-crunching machine. These are the tournaments that are mainly designed for profit. You'll notice on the tournament's post that there is very little incentive to play for. This means that the casino will be taking a huge chunk from the players' accumulated entry fee. Common sense will have us avoid these tournaments all together.

These are the slot tournaments that you'll find. Make sure you understand what kind of tournament you're joining before you participate in one.