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What's a Slots Club and How Can It Help Me?

We have mentioned that one of the ways one can join a slot tournament would be to get invited to play in one for free. With all the tournaments around and all the slot games you can play outside of the tournament on your own, one would ask if it will really help to join what is known as a slot club. For those who are not familiar with slot clubs and what good (or bad) can come from them, we'll go through just that in the discussion below.

If you're asking what is a slots club then here it is. We all know that businesses will form certain relationships with customers, and that means that a casino is really a business that aims to make money. So, casinos will want to form relationships with their customers. You can compare a slots club as some form of a loyalty package that casinos give to its regular steady customers. You'll find slot clubs in both online and land-based casinos.

Those who join slot clubs get a lot of free stuff from promotions by the casinos as some sort of payback for their loyalty in the form of comps. Some of the best comps you'll get from joining a slots club include free food, a room, discounts, free credits, and at times a chance to get invited to slot tournaments hosted by the casino.

But don't get too hasty in joining a casino's slot club. You should know that there are two types of slot clubs you'll find depending on the casino you're at. There are clubs wherein you have to pay and there are those that are free.

One practical way to look at slots clubs is to view it as a promotional program. Some promotions are just free, and you can be sure that there'll be promotional programs that will have you spend some money before getting any prize. Of course, it's no problem if it's free, but unfortunately you'll always find slot clubs where you would have to pay for. Don't be surprised to find clubs that will cost you 50 to 100 dollars a month as a membership fee.

The question therefore is if you'll benefit from these clubs and earn comps along the way in order for you to qualify in a tournament. If ever the cost of the membership fee (assuming that it isn't free) is just too much, then you're better off paying for the entry fee in a tournament rather than pay the membership fee and earn your way up.

This would just serve as a counter measure since not all slot clubs are the same. In such instances where it would be more practical to just pay the fee to join a tournament than joining in a club then you'd better go for that option.