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Online vs. Land Based Casino Slot Tournaments

Slot machine tournaments add the challenge and spice of competition to the regular fun and excitement brought to us by our favorite game of slots. Slots is usually a solo game where one player engages the slot machine (or slot machines for those who love to play multiple machines at a time) on their own. If you're the type that's into competition then a tournament game of slots will be quite right for you.

The key attraction of these tournaments is the fixed amount of money you spend in the form of the entry fee. Players don't need to spend exactly the amount of credits assigned that was assigned to them during the competition. The entry fee is all the money all the players ever have to bring with them for the tournament.

Online casinos today also host slot tournaments as well. Since land based casinos have seen success in hosting these tournaments, online casinos have jumped right into the action as well. These online tournaments have also seen the same kind of success as do the land-based ones. The question is are these online slot machine tournaments the same as the land-based tournaments?

Online casinos offer the same kind of tournaments that are offered by land-based casinos. Though, of course, the environment is different since you'll be pretty much be playing at home than on a crowded casino floor. Players also get to pay an entry fee at the regular tournaments online, the same goes for land-based casinos. But some online casinos also offer tournaments that don't have an entry fee, all you need to do is to sign up for the tournament.

The only hitch is that there are online tournaments would have you spend your own money on credits for the tournament, so you better read the terms and conditions before you participate in one. So you better be a bit cautious with the online tournaments that seem to be shady.

One advantage that land-based casino tournaments have over online tournaments is the value of the prize money. You can expect land-based casinos to offer bigger prizes and some giveaways for those who didn't win.

Both land-based and online tournaments have the same format. You sign up for the tournament, you pay the entry fee or bring your free invitation (i.e. your entry fee is waived due to credits accumulated or you received the invite as a comp), play your game, and collect your prize after you win.

Other than a few slight differences, the land-based tournaments and the online slot tournaments are pretty much the same. You can enjoy the challenge of an online tournament in your own home.