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Comp It to Get Invited in Slot Tournaments

Playing in slot tournaments is a great and fun experience. How many chances do you get to play a lot of slot games without paying a single cent or by just paying a minimal fee? Not only will you get prizes out of the whole tournament you will also get the prestige of being the champion.

There are two popular ways to get into a tournament, you either sign up and pay the entry fee or you get invited to join the tournament as a complimentary. We can be sure that everyone will want to get invited to participate in a slot tourney. Now if you think that only high rollers and big spenders get the chance to play on these tournaments as a comp then you've got to get things in proper perspective because there are ways you can get in without paying a dime.

Let's check out how you get casino comps and use them to get into a tournament for free. The word comp is a term which is short for a casino's complimentary. These casino comps are freebies that are given to customers in appreciation for their business. You can say that it is the casino's way of saying you're really appreciated here.

Now, take note - there are different levels of casino comps, so comps aren't really designed for high rollers. The levels of the comps that a casino gives out depends on the amount of play customers give to the casino or it can also be measured by how much you've wagered. But usually you can get something for free by just spending enough time playing in a casino.

Comps can come in different forms like a signature pen, free food, a free hotel room, and of course, being invited to play in a slot tourney. So how do we get these comps?

First, you need to qualify for the comps you might like to get. Your initial step will have to be getting your play rated. That would basically mean getting a player's club card and using it. So you can ask to get signed up for a player's club card. After getting your club card you should thereafter get your play rated.

This would mean that if you play at slot machines you should use your club card every time you play slots. If you play table games like poker or blackjack you should ask the pit boss to rate your play. All the while you're accumulating points and getting better ratings you need to ask the casino host about specific comps. In our case, we have to ask what is the requirement to get invited to a slot tourney.

After knowing the rates or points or game play necessary you then proceed to get it. This will be quite simple since you just enjoy your favorite game and in time get invited to play in a slot tournament for free.